Order Related Queries

How do I make a purchase?

Please take the following actions to shop online:


  • Choose the collection you want to purchase;
  • 2) click the outfit’s image to open

3) Select “Add to bag” from the menu. You’ve added the outfit to your shopping cart.

4) After you’ve put all of your items in the cart, click “Check Out” to complete the form, and then click “Place Order” to place your order.

5) Your order has been submitted!

6) You must enter the OTP shared with you on your mobile number to confirm your order.

7) You will receive your order number via SMS and email once your order has been verified.


I haven’t gotten a confirmation email from Pearl Imperial about my order.

A representative will get in touch with you in the event that you haven’t received the OTP. To contact us about your order, call 0312-255-2726 or send an email to Info@pearlimperial.com.

I haven’t gotten a confirmation email from Pearl Imperial about my order.

A representative will get in touch with you in the event that you haven’t received the OTP. To contact us about your order, call 0312-255-2726 or send an email to Info@pearlimperial.com.

How can I change an order that has already been placed?

Orders cannot be combined, and existing orders cannot be changed. You must cancel your original order and place a new one containing all the items you need if you want all of your items to be delivered at once.

How can I revoke my purchase?

To cancel your order, call us at +92323 2577761 or send an email to Info@pearlimperial.com.

You cannot cancel an order before it is delivered once it has been processed.

Can I place an online order and pick it up in a store?

No, the delivery will be made to the address you provided.

I can’t add items to the bag and I’m having trouble placing my order.

You can contact us with your problem by calling +92323 2577761 or sending an email to Info@pearlimperial.com.

What methods of payment are available?

We accept Visa and Mastercard along with all other popular debit and credit cards. For customers in Pakistan, we also provide a cash-on-delivery option.

Other than what is listed above, we do not accept any other forms of payment.

If the card is declined, what happens?

The order will be cancelled within 24 hours if the payment is unsuccessful.

I am unable to use my debit or credit card to make a payment.

There are numerous causes of payment failure, including:

Your bank account doesn’t have enough money.

The payment details offered are incorrect.


If you have any problems with a failed payment, please contact your bank. You can also email us at Info@pearlimperial.com.

Shipping and Deliveries

How long does delivery typically take?

  • In Karachi, deliveries typically take two to three working days.
  • For the rest of Pakistan, delivery typically takes 3 to 5 working days.
  • The typical delivery time for orders coming from abroad is 5 to 7 business days.
  • Please take note that delivery times may be longer than usual during the sale.

What are the local order delivery fees?

For all orders placed online, a flat rate of PKR 99 will be charged for shipping.

What are the shipping costs for international orders?

There are no shipping costs for purchases over USD $250; shipping costs for purchases under USD 250 are shown on the checkout page. Our international orders are delivered through DHL Express or UPS and may take up to 5 to 7 working days to be delivered.

Who will be responsible for paying the VAT and import fees for orders coming from abroad?

All international orders will be subject to customer payment of duties, customs, and VAT.

Who sets the VAT, import duties, and customs fees for international orders, and how are they determined?

Pearl Imperial does not charge customs or VAT fees. The consignee’s country’s customs office levies VAT, import duty, and other fees. The calculation varies from nation to nation based on the weight, size, and cost of the package. Pearl Imperial cannot promise to pay this amount.

Changing my shipping address after my order has been shipped out is possible?

Unfortunately, once your items have been shipped out, we are unable to change your order. Therefore, when placing your order, please make sure you provide a suitable and accurate shipping address.

If you can’t deliver to my address, what happens?

There could occasionally be issues with delivery to the address you have given. If this occurs, kindly get in touch with us via email, Facebook chat, Instagram chat, or WhatsApp so that our team can fix the problem.

What are the typical causes of delivery delays?

Extreme weather: The weather in the destination city may be unfavourable, such as heavy rain, smog, landslides, etc., which could delay delivery.


Law and order circumstances: You might receive your package after the estimated time due to religious processions, lockdowns, and strike problems that cause route blocking.


Covid-19: Customers may experience processing and shipping delays as a result of the implementation of lockdown and shortened business hours in various parts of the world.

Return & Exchange

What is the deadline for submitting an exchange request?

You have seven days from the delivery date to request an exchange.

What are the acceptable grounds for returning an item?

  • At the time of delivery, the item was flawed, damaged, or defective.
  • incorrect or not what is depicted on the website.
  • a defective (missing parts) product. A product’s size doesn’t fit. You’re not happy with the purchase.

How can I exchange or return the item?

Email us at Info@pearlimperial.com with your order number if you’d like to exchange a product, or give us a call at +92-3232577761. Within seven days of the delivery date, notice must be given to the customer service team.

To exchange a product, you must provide photographic proof of it along with information about your order, which our representatives will help you with.

You may also refer to the following Return and Exchange policy: (This is the return page link)

Which items are not returnable?

Cosmetics and items on sale are not eligible for exchange.

What requirements must be met for an exchange?

Please make sure the item is undamaged, in its original packaging, unopened, and has all of the attached price, hangtag, and care labels.


What are the refund guidelines?

We do not give cash back. Refunds might be provided as a voucher with a one-month expiration date.